A two-week cycle of work together on an idea, theme, exercise. 

Meeting via Zoom on Sundays, Tony Blake presents a talk on the first Sunday of the cycle which is then available as a Vimeo video for members. A follow-up Zoom meeting the following Sunday allows everyone to share their experiences and talk together.

The interactions will be synchronous and asynchronous.  Sometimes we’ll meet live on Zoom.  Most of the time we will follow-up, share, see, and converse via the forums of The DuVersity Online.  We hope for ongoing participation throughout the week. 

Savoring the Flavors of Time

Sunday, Sept.19, 2021

  • Phenomenology of Play - Steven Rhodes
  • The Abstraction - Ruben Yessayan
  • Marking Time - Leslie Schwing
  • Time and Time Again - Travis Jarrell
  • Time Travel - Anthony Blake